Download CompleteView v6.0.0

CompleteView v6.0.0

CompleteView’s multi-streaming capability has been expanded to use ONVIF and allows for up to 3 streams per device and intelligently switches between low and high bitrate streams. This translates to savings in storage, network bandwidth, and server compute.

Global Server Status
A new dashboard in v6.0.0 enables administrators to easily understand and address any camera, volume, or connectivity issues impacting recording servers in the system.

Audio Alerts in Alarm View
CompleteView’s Alarm View now offers audio alerts to indicate when the system detects an event, making it easy for guards and other operators to maintain a high degree of situational awareness.  

Web Client Enhancements
With v6.0.0, the web client includes a new quick action toolbar, ability to create ad-hoc views, and has better tile management capabilities.

Expanded Localization Options
German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic*, Hebrew* (Arabic and Hebrew are only available through the web client)


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Download CompleteView v6.0.0