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CompleteView v4.8.2 Download

Thank you for your interest in Salient's software!

*****Important Information***** 

The 4.8.2 build is a pre-requisite, intermediary build only used if attempting to push updates to legacy 4.x systems from a 5.1.1.x platform. Only upgrade to 4.8.2 if planning to immediately push update to 5.1.1.x or newer.

CompleteView v4.8.2 Full Version

  • CompleteView 64 bit version - full install: .EXE
  • CompleteView 32 bit version - full install: .EXE

CompleteView v4.8.2 Video Client

  • CompleteView 64 bit version - full install: .MSI
  • CompleteView 32 bit version - full install: .MSI

CompleteView v4.8.2 Software Updates

  • CompleteView 64 bit version - update: .BIN, .EXE
  • CompleteView 32 bit version - update: .BIN, .EXE
  • CompleteView SpotLight: .EXE
  • CompleteView Video Proxy: .EXE


Release Notes v4.8.2