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CompleteView v5.0.1 Download

Thank you for your interest in Salient's software!

Please read CompleteView documentation before installation. Important installation procedures are included: 


CompleteView v5.0.1 Management Server

  • CompleteView 64 bit version – .EXE

CompleteView v5.0.1 Recording Server

  • CompleteView 64 bit version – .EXE

CompleteView v5.0.1 Desktop Client

  • CompleteView 64 bit version – .EXE

Supported Legacy Software

  • CompleteView SpotLight: .EXE
  • CompleteView Video Proxy: .EXE


Release Notes v5.0.1



  • For Management Server (supported on Win 7, Win 10 and 2012 R2): .NET 4.6.1, SQL Express 2017, Minimum supported resolution: 1366x768
  • For Desktop Client (supported on Win 7 and up): .NET 4.6.1, Minimum supported resolution: 1366x768
  • For Recording Server (supported on Win 7/Win 10 and 2012 R2): no prerequisite