ProxyCast Solution

The Key Benefits of Using ProxyCast

Traditionally, each client that needs to access video from a VMS pulls a separate stream per camera. This puts a strain on recording servers and consumes more bandwidth as the number of clients grow and as users access more cameras. ProxyCast addresses these scalability challenges by efficiently delivering video streams from multiple recording servers to clients requesting access. The ProxyCast server gets a single stream per camera from each recording server. This dramatically reduces the load on each recording server and the overall bandwidth consumed. With ProxyCast, each client that needs access to video no longer pulls a separate stream per camera from each recording server, and instead gets video directly from the ProxyCast server.

ProxyCast is useful in scenarios where:

  • Operating a central security operations center (SOC) receiving video from multiple, separate sites
  • Clients need access to widely distributed sites (oil platforms, Ranger stations, etc.) with limited connectivity
  • Client demand for a given video stream is extremely high

Watch the OnDemand presentation “Compliance in the new normal: Minimizing risk by leveraging security video” to uncover use cases for ProxyCast.


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