Salient Software Subscription

Salient Software Subscription Offering

Salient has a subscription offering that provides the rights to use CompleteView on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis. Subscribers receive the same local, on-premises version of CompleteView and pay for it on an annual basis, as opposed to making an outright purchase for software licenses for their system upfront.


  • Rights to use the same, familiar on-premises CompleteView software at a fraction of the cost with operational budgets
  • Get the help you need with 24x7 technical phone support
  • Access software updates including new camera integrations, analytics integrations, major new features, and more
  • Ensure that your requests for bug fixes, enhancements, and feature requests are prioritized

Download the Salient Software Subscription brochure,  or contact us to learn more.


Download the Salient Software Subscription Brochure


If Salient’s subscription is not right for you, get the most out of your investment in CompleteView with Salient’s Software Maintenance program. This program is a smart, cost-effective, and simple way to ensure that you have access to support and software updates to your perpetual software licenses. Learn more: Salient Software Maintenance

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