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Salient and SSI Webinar - November 9, 2021

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Watch the Salient-sponsored Security Sales & Integration webinar to hear Sanjay Challa, Salient's Chief Product Officer, present on "Petabytes of Profit: Unlocking the Insights in Video Data."    

Many organizations have historically relied on video surveillance for safety, security, and other “defensive” purposes. However, with improvements in cameras and in analytics capabilities, some organizations are starting to leverage the large amounts of video data to transform their business process and deliver better customer experiences, improve business operations, and gain competitive advantage in their market. 

What to expect from this webinar: 

  • Insight into how video data is being leveraged for use cases beyond security
  • Explore various technology choices and deployment patterns for video management
  • Practical considerations and insights in choosing and deploying a VMS

Learn more through this on-demand webinar and go beyond security with Salient today!